All of You

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On Thursday, Feb. 8th, I hosted a special party.  It was 10 years to the day that I was first diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer.  Although I have had a recurrence, I felt living 10 years after being diagnosed was something to celebrate.  It was my way of thanking those who touched me in a special way during my last ten years.  21 people were invited and 1 dog.  15 were able to come and the dog, Grace, made it too.

I had the event catered and asked everyone to just come and enjoy the night.  Many people only knew one or two others, as these are special people in my life who again made an impression on me during my journey with cancer.  I wrote a limerick to thank them all and have included it here.  So remember to allow others to support you, help you, care for you and you will be able to thank them when you are well!

                     All of You

Today I gather my own special crew

Who helped me combat a cruel brew

To hurt me it aimed

Ovarian cancer it was named

But it didn’t know I had all of you.


One by one, day to day, you arrived

With a plan so uniquely contrived

Helping in your own way

So I’d be here today

10 years so far I’ve survived.


There are so many stories to share

But one will contain extra flare

Something that reminds me of you

Through this journey come true

There is no one here now that I’ll spare


Mother Theresa was there everyday

Through the drama & pain she would stay

Together we would fight

Making our relationship tight

There is so much I can never repay.


My sister Dawn stepped up to the plate

That second dose was nearly my fate

She ran for the nurse

While I started to curse

An allergic reaction that wasn’t so great.


Now Tracy had sent me a chart

A countdown of treatments, how smart

I ripped off each date

And boy it felt great

After 18 a new life I’d start.


Joan witnessed a very tough day

My veins wouldn’t cooperate and play

The nurses would plan

While Joan held my hand

Eventually the needle would stay.


 Now Mary Jean came forth to say hi

At the hospital she would look and then sigh

I was greyer and ill

My guts I would spill

She said “I‘ll see you”  …”how bout in July?”


Then Denise has so often been scared

About my health she has always cared

She prays for me I know

It helps my strength grow

And I love the great times that we’ve shared.


Jeanne Denalsky is fabulous with food

She’s supportive with great attitude

She fed me the dishes

Containing all my fine wishes

And her yummy buffet we just chewed.


With Meg, it was walks on the beach

Conversations with your dad, how he did teach

Us to always stay strong

And to always belong

Standing together and stretching our reach.


When Lynn Lefler came into my room

My head spun so I asked her to move

I had vertigo they said

While I was lying in bed

Not being drunk would be so hard to prove.


In golf, Cindy and I are like peers

We compete with each other without cheers

But when I show up bald

Cindy sure was appalled

And she let me win without any tears.


Jeanne Balawajder is medically adept

A cancer nurse – a secret well kept

She surveyed my infusions

Offering positive conclusions

The outcome she willingly would accept.


 Donna and Suzanne I was soon to meet

In New Hampshire on the lake – it’s so sweet

They are giving and kind

My humor they don’t mind

No better people that you want to meet.


Their dog Grace is a wonder you see

Our first meeting I would soon decree

She sensed I was sick

And I thought she would lick

But instead .. a big hug she gave me. 


Now Dana is such a good friend

So proud and she doesn’t pretend

Wears my cap everyday

At work and at play

My honor she’s sure to defend.


Who to call when you’re stuck at the docs

When the car, it won’t start and just knocks

Call Cindy to help

My name she did yelp

Got me home and her driving just rocks.


While Reiki and acupuncture were fine

And nothing beats a fine glass of wine

But Rebecca’s talented hands

Became critical to my plans

Her medical massage is just downright divine.


Nancy and I are so fond of those eggs

A breakfast sandwich before treatment she begs

She drives safe and steady

With jokes at the ready

From friendship duty she never renegs


When I lost it at treatment you see

I had a friend with me, Pam B

I was fed up that day

I didn’t want to stay

I yelled “we’re out’a here”, Pam and me


Becca was there through it all

“Put on your wig” she would call

Her hugs made me think

That I’d never sink

It’s for her that it’s worth the long haul.


My last treatment was up in the air

My white count too high too share

Chemo or the links

Treatment just stinks

Ultimately, Linda witnessed my last dose of care


So now as this poetry ends

Underlining the message it sends

You’ve all done your part

To give from the heart

So tonight is for you, my dear friends.


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