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Each time my port needs to be accessed (either for labs or for chemo) there is an odd protocol the nurses have to use for me. I’ve had my port for over 6 years now and early on when I first got it they noticed that the skin over the port is more sensitive to the products they use to clean the area before they access it. Because of this the nurses are required to use Betadine to cleanse the skin. Betadine swabs, not the liquid in the bottle, seems to be a very rare find at the hospital. Each time I go in, which is twice a week, the nurses have the hardest time locating Betadine swabs. Sometimes they are gone for a long time and come back with stories of where they had to go to find one packet of Betadine. Several nurses have stashed the packets in hiding places so they have them when I come in. Low and behold, they are gone when they go to find them.

Today I found several websites where Betadine swabs are sold and I’m going to offer that I purchase a box of 200 and B.Y.O.B. to all my appointments. I think it’s only fair to help out where I can!

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